Fighting for myself

I cried a lot today. I was overwhelmed and anxious. I felt my world shrinking around me.

Even though my anxiety told me I couldn’t get through the day. I did. I eventually stopped crying. Pulled myself together and kept going. I sat there and looked at how far I’ve come. And that right there, was the turning point for me today.

I had a bad morning…so what? I’m not going to let it stop me…not now. Months ago I would have let it consume me but not today. Today I chose to keep fighting. I thought about all the dreams I have…every crazy, over the top dream. All the things I have accomplished to date and all the things I want to accomplish.

I’m so tired of my depression and anxiety having complete control over my life. I’m taking that control back. I’m fighting back. I’m fighting for my happiness.

So hey, depression and anxiety…watch out I’m coming for ya!

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