There’s power in sharing

Since being diagnosed, I’ve lost my fair share of friends. Some people just didn’t understand what I was going through or they didn’t want to take the time to understand what I was going through. I wish I could say that it didn’t bother me but it hurts when someone you thought you could count on just walks out of your life. But looking back now, I know it was for the better.

I’ve been so blessed to have truly amazing, understanding, loving, friends and family. There is no way I would be here today without their support. One thing that has completely blown me away, is the love and support from other people who have had a or still have a mental illness. Some of these people I have never even met but through social media we have shared some very powerful words. When someone else tells you that they understand what you are going through, you get this overpowering sense of relief that you aren’t alone.

I also love that we as a community, share our ups and downs. We share the different things we have found that help us on our bad days. And we share the things that help us on our good days.

I can tell you that my doctor, psychiatrist, and therapist have all helped me tremendously. But I’ll never forget the other amazing people who have shared with me, the things that have helped them. Essiential Oils, workbooks, music, selfcare tips, yoga classes, books…etc.

I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks that have helped me.

  • I colour…a lot. I easily have 12-15 colouring books and a large collection of pencil crayons and markers.
  • Reading…there is nothing better than getting lost in a good book on a bad day.
  • Taking a hot bubble bath.
  • Making a hot cup of tea (black tea, green tea, earl grey tea…the list is endless).
  • Take my dog for a walk.
  • Listen to music…a little louder than normal.
  • Write things down.

Ask and share.























































































































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