A little bit of hope

Living with mental illness has taught me a lot. Some good and some not so good. I have come to the sad realization that my depression can trick me into thinking that I am unlovable. That I am not worthy of being loved by myself or others. My very own nightmare. (I do realize that... Continue Reading →

Brutally Honest

Living with anxiety and depression, life can seem to pass by extremely quick or extremely slow. Depending on which mental illness is at the forefront of my fight that day. I think it is hard for some people to understand that I live with BOTH illnesses every day. Good days are great but that doesn’t... Continue Reading →

Hiding Behind A Smile

It has been a rough day. I cannot pinpoint exactly what triggered my anxiety, but I can tell you that it woke me up at 5:00 AM. Sweating and heart pounding, I sat up and didn’t know where I was. I felt around for my phone and turned the flashlight on. I was in my... Continue Reading →


I have been fighting with myself about if I was going to write this or not. If you are reading this that means I wrote it and shared it. First, I want to say that I will be talking about a serious mental breakdown and self-harm. If you find either of those triggering, please stop... Continue Reading →

The Consistent Struggle

I’ve learned over the years that for me to be at my best, to deal with my anxiety in the best way possible, I need consistency. Yes, I know that I can’t have consistency 100% of the time, because life is well life. And anything can change at any moment in time. COVID has forced... Continue Reading →

A broken heart.

This is about a broken heart. One that has been broken far too many times. It’s the kind of broken that has you slide down a wall, in complete shock and awe. Now you are on the floor, and this noise is coming out of you that you have never heard before. But you must... Continue Reading →

Acceptance & Understanding

I sit here, tears rolling down my cheeks, dripping onto my black t-shirt. The screen is blurry as I type and wipe away the tears. I have been living with different levels of anxiety and depression for 11 years. That is 4,015 days. I could tell you stories about being forgotten about, hurdles I have... Continue Reading →

The day I dream of

I’m overwhelmed and yet underwhelmed at the same time. I have a sense of clarity and yet feel like I’m in a fog. I feel lost and yet I know where I am. My heart aches yet it is so full of love. I feel lonely but I am not alone. I’m tired but I... Continue Reading →

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