I’m proud of myself today

I had a rough morning, filled with tears and selfdoubt. I had a case of the Monday blahs. It was like I had to work twice as hard as I normally would and time was flying by. I cried at my desk at work today, but I shook it off and kept working. Knowing I would give it everything I had and that would be good enough. Things could wait until tomorrow.

Work was so busy I had no time to prepare myself for a fundraiser I had planned for tonight. I was overwhelmed and exhausted and it was only 5:00 pm. The time had come and all my hard work had paid off. The night was a complete success and the room was full of laughs and smiles.

With my anxiety and depression, I tend to forget how good it feels to accomplish something. I planned it all out and it worked. I saw it before my very eyes and it was amazing. I can’t get over how drastically my day changed. I’m beyond thankful for today, with all my struggles and accomplishments. It came at the exact time I needed it.


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