Anxiety Hangover

An anxiety hangover. I’ve had one all day long. It’s like a hangover but not from alcohol. I had a panic attack last night. I woke up this morning and wasn’t sure what day it was or where I was. Then realized it was Sunday and I was at home. And then the aches and pains started to throb. My legs were sore from shaking, not dancing. My head was pounding because of the racing irrational thoughts I had during my panic attack not because the music was too loud. I was so thirsty because I had cried so much the night before, I woke up dehydrated and my mouth was dry and I craved water, like you wouldn’t believe. My eyes were red and eyelids were swollen and puffy. Because I cried all the tears the night before.
I had an anxiety hangover and it sucked just as much as a real hangover does. I moved in slow motion today. Showering was a must but seemed like so much effort. Effort I didn’t think I had. But once I got in there I didn’t want to get out. A day spent recharging my mind and body. A day spent putting myself back together. All the pieces that I felt were out of place, because of the panic attack, I put back where they belonged.
Sometimes I bounce right back. Sometimes it’s easier to deal with the pieces that are out of place. But I also have days like today where I spend all day fighting, battling, working to get back to being me. A day like today I take it easy on myself, to put me back together for tomorrow.
♥ hk

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