Remember this 

Today, I conquered. I excelled and I’m damn proud of myself.

So I want you to remember this…no matter how many times someone tells you that you aren’t good enough…no matter how much your illness makes you feel worthless…no matter how debilitating your mental illness can be…I believe in you. I’ve been at the bottom before and I’ve picked myself up. So can you. I’ve cried all the tears I possibly could and yet I still fight. I’ve reached out for help and someone actually listened. There is always someone that will listen. 

No matter how silly you feel for doing those little quirks that help with your anxiety, keep doing them! I’m the girl who carries play-doh in her backpack because it helps me calm down. I’m the girl who likes to sit in the corner with her back against the wall so I can see everything in front of her. I’m the girl who is fighting for myself and others like me; who are tired of fighting an illness and the stigmas that come with it. 

I’m here to conquer mind madness. 

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