A girl and her dog.

After a very long and emotional day all I wanted to do was sleep. But my mind had other plans. Lexi also had other plans…she wouldn’t leave me alone. I was all set for a great nights sleep. I had my pillow and weighted blanket. I put lavender oil in my diffuser and I was settled in for the night. Or so I thought…I could not shut my brain off. Thinking about everything and nothing at the same time. Then thinking about thinking and trying not to over think my over thinking. Lexi came down from my parents room and decided to finally eat her dinner (at 12:30am). Well of course she had to go outside after. So there I am, outside with my dog…in my onesie. She did her thing, and checked every part of the backyard for any possible intruders. We came back in and I went back to watching This Is Us. I’m lying on the couch, totally wrapped up in the episode when I feel this cold nose on my arm. So, I pay attention to her and then off she goes to look out the front window. 5 minutes pass and then she’s back. Staring at me…and she starts whining at me. So I obviously talk to her like she’s human and expect a response in return. Next thing I know she runs off and comes back to me. With half of her toy duck, she got for Christmas last year, in her mouth. I mean it’s not like I had anything else better to do at 1 am but play tug of war with half a toy duck that has no stuffing left. We played for a few minutes until she went over to her water dish. I got up to fill it with fresh water and put my teacup in the kitchen sink. By the time I did that and turned the kitchen light off, she had jumped up on the couch and was curled up on top of my pillow. I couldn’t help but giggle. I rubbed her head and moved to other end of the couch. She sighed and fell fast asleep. We were both finally calm and relaxed, curled up on the couch together. It amazed me that she knew I needed her before I knew it myself.

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