The day I dream of

I’m overwhelmed and yet underwhelmed at the same time. I have a sense of clarity and yet feel like I’m in a fog. I feel lost and yet I know where I am. My heart aches yet it is so full of love. I feel lonely but I am not alone. I’m tired but I... Continue Reading →

Trying to push my anxiety aside

I woke up from a nap yesterday afternoon, I could feel my heart racing. Thump, thump, thump, it seemed so loud. Sure enough, looked at my Fitbit, my heart rate was high, and I was trembling. I HATE it when this happens. When a potential anxiety attack wakes me up. My Mom came and hugged... Continue Reading →

4 doors

Picture this with me if you can. You’ve come to the end of a hallway and in front of you are 4 doors. These 4 doors all have signs on them. The first one reads “Welcome, we are happy you are here” The second one reads “You know exactly what is behind this door all... Continue Reading →

More than just a diagnosis

I live with an invisible illness. It is all in my head…literally. From personal experience I consider it to be an invisible illness in more than one way though. Firstly, you obviously can’t see it and secondly, people/society don’t like talking about it. It can be kept hidden. It’s like this secret that everyone actually... Continue Reading →

A Misunderstood Illness

I’m tired. I’m exhausted. I’m fed up. Living with a mental illness is NOT easy. I have been living with depression and anxiety since I was 17. I learned very early on that I would need to become an advocate for myself, and fast. Here I am, still advocating, still fighting. The journey hasn’t been... Continue Reading →

My struggle

What do you do when you are scrolling through your phone looking for someone to text and then you realize how many of your texts have gone unanswered. Do you keep trying or do you leave it? My anxiety tells me, it is me, I’m the problem. My constant “mental illness flare ups”, my “anxiety... Continue Reading →

Dear me, I love you

Last week I celebrated my birthday. Since then I have taken the time to look back and reflect at my 27th year. 27 was probably the most challenging year I have ever had. were a year of hardships, unexpected change, endless questions, and battles for acceptance and inclusion. But because of you I grew,... Continue Reading →

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